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Bleeding Love part 2

The next day I awoke to the sound of chatter amongst members of the Brotherhood. All of them, wondering who I was. I rose from the bed to be met by Ocheeva.
"You gave us quiet a scare. I thought you would not wake up."
"I am fine but thank you for your concern Ocheeva" I replied kindly.
"Ah you remember my name, that's good. Well I haven't had the chance to give you a proper greeting. You my friend are in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. You are now a member of this family. Here you will find comfort and shelter from the law above."
"Thank you"
"As a new member, I give you this armor. It is lighter than most common leather but is black as night."
"Thank you."
"You should go see Vicente about contracts. He will be in his quarters. He will assign you contracts to carry out to earn money."
"Very well. Be seeing you and may Sithis be with you."
"May the Night Mother wrap you in her cold loving embrace."
After putting on my new armor, I went to find Vicente. Ocheeva said he would be in his quarters. He must be special to have is own private quarters. I decided to return to the main hall in the Sanctuary and start my search from there. While I was looking, I met some of the other members of the Dark Brotherhood. I encountered Antoinetta Marie, a nice woman who was like me before we came to the Sanctuary. We were both beggars struggling to live in the world. She and I get along really well.
"Oh Antoinetta, where is Vicente?" I asked her.
"Vicente is down the hall to the left. Behind the big doors. It's down from Ocheeva's room." She replied.
"Thank you."
"Your welcome, dear sister."
I followed Antoinetta's instructions. Down the hall to the left. I reached his room, which was closed. I was not sure whether to leave him alone or to knock on the door. After 5 minutes of just standing and whether or not to enter, I opened the door. The room was spacious. In the middle was a table with 2 chairs around it. On the right side of the room was a slab, probably his bed and a desk with a chest next to it. But I saw him in the chair by the table, reading a book. He looked up from his book and stared at me.
"Welcome dear daughter of Sithis. I trust you have spoken to Ocheeva about me." He put the book down on the table and stood up from the chair.
"I am Vicente Valteri. I provide assignments for new family members."
I looked closely at his face. He was pale, much more than I. His eye's were red and I saw that he had fangs. I gasped a little. I did not want to offend him.
"Please don't let my appearance…unnerve you." He said in a smooth voice. He his voice was like music. I wanted him to keep talking so I could here the music.
"I may be a vampire but I do not spill the blood of the Brotherhood." He said to calm me. He approached me slowly. We were not to far from each other now. He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. He sighed a deep sigh.
"Even though, I would love to taste the blood." He took another breath of air in. Was he talking about my blood?
I was trying to get my head in the right place. I interrupted his smelling of me.
"Ocheeva said that I should see you about a contract?" I asked with a hint of fear in my voice.
"Ah yes. A contract. Contracts are a secret pack one makes. We carry out the contract and are paid for fulfilling them. Once you complete a contract, you will return to me to receive your pay. Some contracts may have a bonus to them as well. The bonus may require killing the target in a special way. But if you do not kill the victim in the circumstances then you forfeit the bonus."
"I understand." I replied.
"Good." He said smiling. "I have your first contract. In the Waterfront district of the Imperial City, there is a ship called the Marie Elena. The contract requires that you kill the captain, Gaston Tuso. He will be in his cabin."
"Thank you, Vicente."
"Go, and may the Night Mother watch you" He said. Vicente escorted me out of his room, taking the time to smell me. Once I left his room, he slowly shut the door. As it was closing, I looked at him, his smile still on his face. I gave a small smile back to him. Then the door was shut. I then made my way out of the Sanctuary towards The Imperial City. I then decided to change out of my new armor and into the dress I wore when I murdered Rufio. I didn't want to give away that I am now the newest member of the Brotherhood to the world. I left the abandoned house and then left Cheydinhal.
The road to the Imperial City was long and tiring. It was 2 days later before I reached the city. The whole city was in an uproar to find the person who killed the man. I saw a wanted poster, not with a picture of me, but saying if anyone had information that they report it to the guards. But when I read the poster I then realized whom I had murdered. He was the son of the Count of Leyawiin. No wonder they wanted me dead. I had murdered a nobleman. I quickly left the Talos Plaza district, avoiding the guards on duty. I made my way to the Waterfront District and looked for the Marie Elena. I then remembered where the captain was. I looked around to find away onto the ship. I thought I could sneak in through the back of the ship or hide in the boxes and be moved on board. I decided that the best option would be to enter via cargo. I quietly hid in an open box then closed from the inside, so I could be truly hidden. It worked. Soon enough, the box was placed below deck. Now all I had to do was work my way up to the captain's cabin. Sneaking up into the cabin wasn't too tricky. Most of the crew was outside or at the Bloated Float for a beer. After climbing the second ladder, I was outside the cabin. The door wasn't locked at all so I did not need to fiddle with my lock picks. As I opened the door, I could hear a loud snoring coming from the bed. The captain was sleeping soundly on the bed. He was not aware his death was coming. Creeping over to the bed I took out my dagger. Holding the dagger over his throat, I sighed. Then like before, I ran the dagger through his throat. I watched him bleed to death from the wound. I did not care I ended him. I truly felt alive. It was me taking revenge on the world. I then took the key from his corpse and opened his "Booty" chest. Inside was a vast amount a gold and some fancy clothes. I decided to take them and put them in my bag. One moment after I put the last piece of gold in, I heard the door bang.
"Captain Gaston?" A voice asked in a concerned tone.
I looked around. I knew I could not leave the way I came. I then saw the other door leading to the stern of the ship. I jammed the key into the lock and opened the door. In a flash, I dove into the water, and swam away. I was hoping that they would not see how I escaped. Then again most pirates aren't very clever. The deed was done. The captain was dead, and I had escaped. I decided to return to Cheydinhal to receive my reward.
Once I had returned to the Sanctuary, Antoinetta rushed to me congratulating me on my first contract. I thanked her and hugged her. She was truly like a sister to me. She then said I should go and see Vicente. I was still very tired, so I decided to sleep for a few hours. Once I was well rested I went to Vicente. I entered his room, he was still reading a book, but I saw on the table a wanted poster. The same poster that I saw in the Imperial City reguarding the Counts son.
"So you have eliminated Gaston? Excellent. Here is your gold."
He then gave me 200 gold pieces. His eyes were still fixed on me. I did not want to look away from them.
"I hope I'm not intrupting anything." I said.
"No, your not. Please, stay for a moment. You must be tired." He replied. He went to his chest and brought two silver goblits and two bottles of wine. He gave me some of Tameka's wine, while he had a wine I had never seen before. The wine was very red. I thought it was a special wine. He just watched me as I took dantey sips of my wine. He didn't pore himself a glass for some reason.
After about 5 minutes of silence, I asked him, "If I may ask, how did you…become a vampire?"
He looked at me with a smile on his face.
"I was venturing deep in the woods of Vardenfall when I was attacked by them. I was stricken with it nearly 300 years ago. I came into the sanctuary about 100 years ago. The sanctuary was run by someone else though."
"Oh." I replied, fasinated.
"And what about you?" he asked leaning on the table. "What happened to you before this?"
"Oh me…I was a beggar. I was cast out of my family when I was 4 because of who I am.
"A woman?" He asked.
"Yes. My father wanted a son. My mother had 3 miscarriages. He was hoping to be blessed with a son. When I was 4, my mom gave birth to a boy. Now that my father had the son he wanted, he wanted me gone. He wanted me to dissapear. He casted me out of the family, leaving me for dead. For 16 years I tried to keep myself alive. I spent 12 years at an orphanage and 4 on the street."
Vicente looked at me with his beautiful eyes.
"Oh my dear, I am sorry that happened."
"It is alright." I replied. "I'm here now and I am happy."
He then laughed. "You should be."
I then giggled. He continued to look at me with his beautiful eyes. Being with him was all I wanted. I then realized that Vicente didn't pore himself some wine yet.
"Aren't you thirsty?" I asked concerned.
Vicente looked in shock then away. "Yes. Very."
"Why don't you have some of your wine?"
"It isn't wine. It's blood."
I gasped.
"I do drink blood occasionally but the bottle doesn't have any blood in it. I thought I had some but I was wrong."
He looked in pain.
I looked at him, then the floor.
"Would you like…" I gulped in air. "…some of my blood?"
His eyes flashed to mine. He rose up from his chair and approached me slowly.
"You would give me your blood?" he asked.
I sat there trembling.
I rose to my feet, Vicente still coming closer to me. I looked into his eyes. His eyes burnt with hunger. Soon his hands grabbed my wrists and he pressed my back against the wall. I was nervous but I did not mind him feeding off of my blood. He looked at my neck, as I looked away. He lowered his head to my neck, sniffing my body. Then a cold rush ran along my neck where his face was. His tongue touched my neck. It was chilling, but it felt...good. Soon I could feel his breath, his mouth open for him to bite my neck. Slowly I began to shut my eyes, ut then he turned away.

"I..I can't."
Well here is Chapter 2! :D

Hope you like it! :)

Does Vicente like Ravena? :)
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